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Seychelles’ laws do not require residency to incorporate any company, but there are specialised industries that require certain shareholding percentages. 

All companies must have a minimum of two shareholders and two directors, a secretary and a registered address of where the company will be situated.  The memorandum of association and articles of association are tailored to suit the needs of each company.

All non-Seychellois persons need to apply for government approval to purchase property.  The process is rigorous and requires in depth information with the application presented.

Yes, there is no requirement for residency or citizenship to inherit land owned by one’s parents.

If the lease agreement is silent the law implies that a lessor needs to give their tenant one month’s notice to vacate the premises.

If the tenant has not vacated the premises, the landlord must go to court to request an order of eviction and cannot take the premises until the order is granted.